Da Lat

If you are a nature lover and interested in discovering the imposing waterfalls or you are looking for ideal destinations to take photos, this tour is designed for you. You would have a day of exploring 4 renowned waterfalls of Da Lat, immersing yourself in the beauty of nature and art.  

Morning: tourists will come to visit the imposing Elephant Waterfall pouring from the stone cliff with white suds creating a thin layer of fog in the air. When the sun shines to this layer, a rainbow with 7 colours appears. At the foot of the waterfall, there is a small cave with its entrance between the two stone slits covered with roots of ancient trees which are at the age of more than 1 thousand years old. Standing inside the cave, tourists can be witnessing the water running through stone slits on the roof of the cave. 

Keep on the trip, we shall have a stop at Pongour Waterfall which is considered the wildest and most beautiful waterfall in the South of Central Highland. The strong water currents spread out on the seven stone steps which are strangely smooth as if being polished by human hands to become a masterpiece of nature. This seems to be an ideal destination for your taking professional and amazing photos with fading water layer.  

Afternoon: the famous Prenn Waterfall in Da Lat is our next destination. The special thing here is that the romantic layer of water allows you to go through. Here you will be experiencing some experiences including ruby boat rowing, elephant riding, ostrich riding, visiting the zoo, orchid garden, rare creatures house, Hung Temple, etc,. 

The last attraction of the day is Datanla Waterfall where you will find strange and strong feeling when experiencing the slipping tube car system lasting from top of the hill to the foot of the waterfall. The waterfall is hidden under a dense primary forest and winding through cliffs before falling down to the Death abyss, generating weird and wonderful sounds of nature. 

The tour finishes here.