Ho Chi Minh / Buon Ma Thuot / Dray Nur Waterfall / Vietnam Ethnic Museum / Ban Don


21:00: company’ bus and tour guide receive tourists at the appointed place to transfer to Buon Ma Thuot. On the way, tourists will be listened about the culture and history of the lands you’ve passed; joining some interesting games organized by the tour guide and getting attractive presents.

DAY 1:  

Morning: tourists have breakfast before visiting Dray Nur Waterfall, also known as Wife Waterfall in Dak Lak province. Here you will be admiring a truly attractive and miracle waterfall with fading lay of steam that make it look like a fairy scene. Tour guide shall be telling you about a moving love story of the Central Highland which is associated with the appearance of 2 waterfalls Dray Nur and Dray Sap. Tourists then freely discover a volcano cave in Krong No which is considered the largest volcano cave system in Southeast Asia with the length of 25 km. Inside the cave, there are many structures typical for the Eruptions like lava flow, sinkholes, plant relics founded millions of year ago. 

Noon: arriving at 4 stars hotel to check in and have a rest nearby swimming pool 

Afternoon: tourists come to visit Vietnam Ethnic Museum in Dak Lak where presents a number of valuable artefacts and images. This is said to be a miniature of Central Highland with various species of animals and plants, together with cultures of 44 co-operated ethnic groups in Dak Lak.

Tourists then have chance to enjoy landscapes of Ako Dhong Village of the Ede with their traditional long house. 

Evening: tourists have dinner at restaurant before freely wandering to visit the mountainous city by night to enjoy the savoury taste of Buon Ma Thuot coffee at Trung Nguyen Coffee Village. Some attractions include 

•    Central Highland Ethnic Museum

•    World Coffee Museum

•    Coffee garden 

•    Coffee enjoying garden 

Morning: tourists have buffet at the hotel before departure to Ban Don Tourist area

•    Visiting 120 years old Ede stilt house of the Laos

•    Visiting tomb and listening about the life of elephant hunting king and his  khunsanup memorial site

•    Walking through Serepok of 240m long passing Serepok River (one of 2 rivers in Vietnam that their water currents are flowing backward) 

•    Visiting the 7-branch –waterfall 

•    Having talks and exchanges with the locals

Noon: having lunch at restaurant and then taking rest at hotel 

Afternoon: visiting Khai Doan Pagoda – the first pagoda built in Highland; paying visit to Buon Ma Thuot Roundabout with 6 turns which is the junction of roads between the resident place of the King and other Ede villages and also the road leading to the central region. 

Enjoying CHuong Da coffee to directly witness the fossil samples of hundred million years old

Evening: tourists have dinner at Ca Te Quan with a special dish of Beef dipped with tamarind and then discover the beauty of BUon Ma Thuot by night. We then overnight at hotel.   

Morning: tourists have breakfast with buffet at hotel and then check out. We pay a visit to Buon Ma Thuot Market to shopping for specialties there. We then get back to Ho Chi Minh city. On the way back, we have lunch at Dai Nam restaurant with local special dishes. 

18h00: arriving at Ho Chi Minh City. The tour ends with the sincere thanks from our company. Goodbye and see you again.